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Nancy Sandars poetry from 1943 to 2000 has been published in the book "Grandmother's Steps" (Agenda Editions 2001). One poem from this book, Göreme, is reproduced below:



The spirit moved on the face of the rock,

the dense mineral ocean, questing faults

for its purpose. Burrowed it, riddled it,

termite towers and parched seracs.

This was a landscape for the lives of saints

celled and serrated, at home

in Cappadocia. The rooted vine and fig

can hardly hold the earth,

but the intenser air tingles

with the high voltages of prayer.


Evening Primroses

Evening Primroses by Nancy Sandars

Evening Primroses is a posthumous collection of poems, published by Agenda, with a preface by John Fuller.

It contains previously unpublished examples of her work from six decades, all characteristic of her sharp cultural and historical awareness, of her observant celebration of nature, and (in some moving last poems) of loneliness and loss.

Copies are available at £10.

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Grandmother's Steps

Grandmother's Steps (2001)