Nancy K Sandars







Published Works by Nancy K Sandars

(Based on the register at St Hugh's College, Oxford and NKS correspondence with St Hugh's)

  • Excavations at Dorchester, Oxon, 1st report, N.K. Sandars with R.J.C. Atkinson and C.M. Piggott, (1951)
  • Bronze age cultures in France: the later phases from the thirteenth to the seventh century BC (1957)
  • Prehistoric Art in Europe (1968), (2nd edition 1985), in The Pelican History of Art series by Nikolaus Pevsner, Penguin.
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh (1960) - (translated and introduced), Penguin
  • Poems of Heaven and Hell from Ancient Mesopatamia (1971), (translated and introduced)
  • Thirty Seasons at Ras Shamra in Syria (1972)
  • Thracians, Phrygians and Iron, Thracia, Sofia (1975)
  • 'Are Myths Luggage?' in To Illustrate the Monuments, essays on archaeology presented to Stuart Piggott on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday, ed. J.V.S Megaw (1976)
  • 'The Present Past in the Anathemata and Roman Poems', in David Jones, ed. R. Mathias (1976)
  • 'Orient and Orientalizing: recent thought reviewed', in Celtic Art in Ancient Europe (1976)
  • The Sea Peoples: Warriors of the ancient Mediterranean, 1250-1150 BC (1978), Thames and Hudson
  • Prehistoric Art in Europe (1985)


Articles in:

  • Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society (1955)
  • Antiquity (1959, 1964, 1971)
  • The Annual of the British School at Athens (1960)
  • Americal Journal of Archeology (1961, 1963)
  • European Community in Later Pre-History (1971/1972)
  • Mélanges de préhistoire, d'archéocivilisation et d'ethnographie (1971 and 1972)
  • Actues du VIIe Congrés International des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques, Prague 1966 (1972)
  • Review of The paintings of David Jones, by Nicolete Grey, in Agenda, 28/2 (1990)


Poetry (see poetry)

  • Grandmother's Steps: and other poems 1943-2000, selected and introduced by Rosalind Ingrams (2001)
  • Evening Primroses: a collection of poetry (editor: John Fuller) 2017